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You Are My Glory

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GenreRomantic comedy
Based onYou Are My Glory
by Gu Man
Written byGu Man
Directed byWang Zhi
  • Yang Yang
  • Dilraba Dilmurat
Opening theme"Fireworks of Stars" (烟火星辰) by Liu Yuning
Ending theme"Time Monologue" (光阴独白) by Lala Hsu
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes32
  • Fang Fang
  • Zhang Wei Lin
  • Zhang Meng
  • Liu Jia
Camera setupMulti-camera
Production companyTencent Penguin Pictures
Original networkTencent Video, WeTV
Original releaseJuly 26 –
August 16, 2021

You Are My Glory (Chinese: 你是我的荣耀) is a 2021 Chinese television series starring Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat. Based on the novel of the same name written by Gu Man, it mainly tells the story of the popular actress Qiao Jingjing and her former high school classmate Yu Tu as they unexpectedly reunite to tát play the mobile game Honor of Kings. It premiered on Tencent Video and WeTV on July 26, 2021 and ran until August 30, 2021.[1]

As of trăng tròn August 2021, the series has reached 4 billion views.[2]


Yu Tu and Qiao Jing-Jing were classmates in high school. Jing-Jing had a crush on Yu Tu, but he rejected her. The two would part ways to tát develop their careers. Yu Tu dreamed of the stars and became an aeronautics engineer while Jing-Jing became a famous model and actress. Even though they lived separate lives, Jing-Jing never forgot about Yu Tu. As part of her celebrity image, Jing-Jing has presented herself as a great player on the mobile game Honor of Kings. When the authenticity of her skills came into question, she needed to tát prove her abilities to tát her critics. It was while playing the game that she reconnected with Yu Tu. Still having feelings for him, she convinced him to tát meet and help train her to tát prepare for a upcoming game tournament. As the two started working together, Yu Tu started to tát have feelings for Jing-Jing. Upon the tournament, Jing-Jing proved the legitimacy of her gaming skills and also took the chance to tát introduce her fans to tát Yu Tu. While it was quickly suspected they're together, both denied any relationship but praised each other for their gaming skills. After the two won their match, Jing-Jing couldn't hold her feelings back anymore and confessed her feelings for Yu Tu. Unfortunately, Yu Tu didn't feel worthy of her and rejected her again. However, Yu Tu would realized he was making excuses for himself and regret his decision. It was during Chinese New Year, when both returned to tát their hometown, Yu Tu had the chance to tát explain himself and apologized for hurting Jing-Jing's feelings; they haven't become a couple yet as Jing-Jing has become hesitant to tát reciprocate Yu Tu's feelings. During a class reunion, Jing-Jing made a rare appearance to tát the gathering in hopes to tát see Yu Tu. When Yu Tu found out about Jing-Jing's appearance, he quickly rushed over there to tát see her. It was while there in front of all their ex-classmates that Yu Tu kissed Jing-Jing and solidified their relationship. Afterwards, they did their best to tát keep a low profile on their relationship. Eventually though, both of them would get involved in each other's worlds. Yu Tu's family and associates were shocked as he's dating a celebrity while giving everyone the impression he's a lone wolf. Jing-Jing's side were shocked that she would date such a handsome and intelligent engineer. Eventually, the two would move in together and talked about marriage. Yu Tu originally felt pressured to tát give her a grand wedding, but the two settled for a group marriage. The mạng internet exploded with tư vấn for the two and the couple continue to tát have a loving relationship. The story would fast forward several years into their marriage, showing Yu Tu successfully launching the most recent Chinese rocket into space and his continued appreciation for Jing-Jing.



  • Yang Yang as Yu Tu[3][4]
Graduated from the top 1 university with a major in finance and Aerospace Science, and has been the unattainable god of learning since he was a child. Influenced by his family, he is very obsessed with aerospace. Because of the game, he falls in love with high school classmate, Qiao Jingjing.
  • Dilraba Dilmurat as Qiao Jingjing[5]
Popular actress. When she was a student, she had a crush on Yu Tu, and ten years later, she became a first-tier flow actress. The game she endorsed was a big hit, but her image as a game master was punctured. In order to tát regain her image as an endorser, she started to tát find a teacher to tát teach her, and by chance, she met Yu Tu again in the game. When Yu Tu hesitates to tát quit his job as an aerospace designer and switch to tát the financial industry so sánh that his family can live a stable life, she keeps encouraging him to tát bravely pursue his dream.


Yu Tu's family[edit]

  • Cao Yi as Yu Tu's father
  • Cui Yi as Yu Tu's mother
  • Wang Rui as Xiao Liu, Yu Tu's cousin

Qiao Jingjing's family

  • Wang Quan You as Qiao Jingjing's father
  • Yan Qingyu as Qiao Jingjing's mother
  • Zheng Xiao Mao as Qiao Jingjing's grandfather
  • Zhu Huai Xu as Qiao Jingjing's grandmother
  • Liu Lei as Qiao Jingjing's cousin
  • Li Ya Ze as Qiao Jingjing's brother
  • Zhou Yun Ru as Qiao Jingjing's sister

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation[edit]

  • Pan Yueming as Guan Zai
Chief designer of the Institute of Aerospace Research. Yu Tu's quấn and best friend. He gave up his high-paying job to tát work with Yu Tu to tát design the same type of rocket. As Yu Tu's predecessor, he helps Yu Tu a lot in his work and life. When Yu Tu decides to tát give up his space career, Guan also believes that he will not give up.
  • Zheng Xiao Ning as Director Hu, Yu Tu's senior
  • Wang Shi Huai as Director Zhang, Yu Tu's mentor
  • An Ge as Meng Anyu, Yu Tu's colleague
  • Zheng Qi as Zhou Gong, Yu Tu's colleague
  • Zhao Ke Di as Hu Kehang, Yu Tu's colleague
  • Lu Zhong as Chief Designer
  • Yan Zhi Ping as CEO Li's Designer
  • Sun Wei as Telemetry and Remote Control System Designer
  • Zhao Xiao Guang as Telemetry and Remote Control System Designer
  • Ge Ji Wei as Telemetry and Remote Control System Designer
  • Lu Tu as Mobile Designer
  • Han Bo as Mobile Designer
  • Xu Fan as GNC Designer

Qiao Jingjing's studio[edit]

  • Hu Ke as Sister Ling,
Qiao Jingjing's manager. She has a gentle and easy-going personality and is very affectionate. She has always wanted Jingjing to tát fall in love and Qiao Jingjing is lượt thích a daughter to tát her. She is both a teacher and a friend to tát Qiao Jingjing.
  • Sun Ya Li as Xiao Zhu, Qiao Jingjing's assistant
  • Liu Luo Xi as Dan Dan, Qiao Jingjing's PR
  • Luo Lei as Qiao Jingjing's driver

Entertainment Industry[edit]

  • Janice Wu as Chen Xue, Qiao Jingjing's good friend
  • Zhao Yingzi as Zhou Ziqi, Qiao Jingjing's rival
  • Yuan Cheng Jie as Duan Wu, Qiao Jingjing's partner
  • Wang Dong as Movie King Zhou
  • Lu Yong as Director Li

People around Yu Tu

  • Gina Jin as Xia Qing, Yu Tu's ex-girlfriend
  • Wang Yanlin as Zhai Liang, Yu Tu's good friend

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People around Qiao Jingjing

  • Zheng He Hui Zi as Pei Pei, Qiao Jingjing's best friend
  • Ji Xiaobing as Su Zhi, Qiao Jingjing's ex-boyfriend
  • Tu Song Yan as A Guo, Sister Ling's husband & Qiao Jingjing's first game coach

King of Glory

  • Peng Bo as Alex, King of Glory executive
  • Liu Jiayi as Zhou Yin, King of Glory professional player. Qiao Jingjing's fan
  • Lu Yun Feng as Xia Xue, King of Glory professional player
  • Yang Jin Heng as He Liu, King of Glory professional player
  • Wang Yu Jie (王钰杰) as Qi Zhu, King of Glory professional player
  • Huang Cheng Cheng as Sha Bao, King of Glory player
  • Zhou Shuai as Long Wang, King of Glory player


  • Li Hui Er (李绘儿) as Hui Hui, Sister Ling and A Guo's daughter
  • Chen Guan Ning as Ren Wang, an investment executive who admires Yu Tu
  • Yao Yi Qi as A Dou, reporter
  • Liu Yun Long as Xiao Lan, reporter
  • Liu Chao as Da Mao, reporter
  • Liu Li Li as Professor Wang, Director Zhang's wife
  • Teng Ai Xian as Director Hu's wife
  • Guo Tong Tong as Xia Qing's roommate
  • Gao Lu as Shen Jing, Guan Zai's wife
  • Sun Le as Guan Zhu, Guan Zai's brother
  • Zhang Yu Xuan as Guan Meng, Guan Zai and Shen Jing's son
  • Li Ruo Ning as Li Ruo
  • Wang Zheng as Qu Ming
  • Ning Xiao Zhi as Professor Xiao
  • Liu Wei Long as Manager Zhang


  • Ni Yan as Short Hair Girl
  • Chen He Yi as Spectacled Guy
  • Zhang Yi Wen as Middle Aged Guy
  • Yang Xu Chen as White Collared Girl
  • Ye Xiao Kai as trò chơi Streamer
  • Hong Wei as CEO of Huo Jian
  • Yang Chen as Popular Artist Commentator
  • Wang Yi Lin as Classmate
  • Liu Zhe Hui as Classmate
  • Yan Jing Yao as CEO Fang
  • Zhu Wei Wei as Professor Zhao

Promotional activities[edit]

On August 2, 2020, Dilraba Dilmurat attended Tencent's annual Clip conference and announced that she would be starring with Yang Yang in the drama "You Are My Glory". Due to tát the schedule, Yang Yang could not attend the conference, but informed the truyền thông through VCR and the first poster was distributed to tát the truyền thông directly.[6]

On September 29, 2020, the film crew officially launched in Shanghai and held the premiere ceremony at Fudan University. At 12:00, Weibo officially released the images of the shooting ceremony and the cast, at 13:00, Weibo crew posted the first image of the male and female leads.[7]

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