heat là gì

Heat chuồn với giới kể từ gì?? chắc chắn rằng là thắc mắc cộng đồng của rất đông người. Để hiểu rộng lớn về ý nghĩa sâu sắc, ngữ pháp giống như cơ hội dùng “Heat” vô Tiếng Anh thế nào, hãy nằm trong Ngolongnd.net mò mẫm hiểu cụ thể tức thì vô nội dung bài viết tiếp sau đây.

Heat chuồn với giới kể từ gì?
Heat chuồn với giới kể từ gì?

Heat nghĩa giờ đồng hồ Việt là gì?

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  • danh từ
    • hơi rét, mức độ nóng; sự nóng
    • (vật lý) nhiệt
      • internal heat: nội nhiệt
      • latent heat: ẩn nhiệt
      • specific heat: tỷ nhiệt
      • heat of evaporation: sức nóng cất cánh hơi
      • heat of fashion: sức nóng rét chảy
    • sự nóng sốt, sự rét nực
    • trạng thái tưng bừng (của cơ thể); hiện trạng viêm tấy
    • vị cay (ớt…)
    • sự rét chảy, sự giẫn dữ dữ
      • to get into a state of fearful heat: nổi xung đùng đùng; nóng tính xứng đáng sợ
    • sự nổi rét, sự nồng sức nóng, sự hăng hái
      • the heat of youth: sự sôi sục của tuổi hạc trẻ
    • sự động đực
      • on (in, at) heat: động đực
    • sự nỗ lực một mạch, sự thực hiện một mạch
      • at a heat: thực hiện một mạch
    • (thể dục,thể thao) cuộc đấu, cuộc đua
      • trial heats: cuộc đấu loại
      • final heat: cuộc đấu cộng đồng kết
    • (kỹ thuật) sự nung
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) sự tăng mạnh thực hành luật pháp; sự tăng mạnh điều tra; sự đôn đốc xay, sự chống ép
  • ngoại động từ
    • đốt rét, nung nóng; thực hiện rét, thực hiện bừng bừng
      • to heat up some water: đun nước
      • to heat oneself: thực hiện cho tất cả những người rét bừng bừng
    • làm nổi giận; thực hiện nổi nóng
    • kích quí, kích động; thực hiện sôi sục lên
    • (kỹ thuật) nung
  • nội động kể từ ((thường) + up)
    • nóng lên, trở thành nóng
    • nổi rét, nổi giận
    • sôi nổi lên

Heat chuồn với giới kể từ gì?

Heat + up

to make or become hot or warm: rét lên; trở thành rét We’ll heat (up) the soup The day heats up quickly once the sun has risen.

The heat of

a state of strong emotion, esp. excitement or anger: hiện trạng phấn khích, rét giẫn dữ The heat of his own argument swept him away. John apologized for the remarks he had made in the heat of the moment (= while he was angry or excited).

the heat of the day To avoid the heat of the day we went out in the mornings.

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from the heat from the fire

in a/the ~ He fell in the first heat.

off the ~ Make sure the pan is off the heat. | on a ~ Cook on a low heat for five minutes. | over a ~ Simmer the sauce over a gentle heat.

in the ~ of in the heat of battle/passion | with ~ ‘It was your hare-brained idea,’ Henry said with heat. | without ~ She spoke without heat.

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Ví dụ giới kể từ bám theo sau Heat

  • The great heat of the sun upon his back makes him irritable, and when Miss POTTS sharply smites with her người hâm mộ the knuckles of the hand which he has affably extended đồ sộ take her by the chin, more kêu ca the usual symptoms of acute inflammation appear at the over of his nose, and he blows hurriedly upon his wounded digits.
  • Spohr’s lovely anthem voices this cry of the soul: “As pants the hart for cooling streams, When heated in the chase, So longs my soul, O God, for Thee, And Thy refreshing grace.
  • I know very well that it is customary for the recipients of testimonials đồ sộ pay three-quarters of the cost of the present, and I am perfectly willing đồ sộ abide by this custom; but forty-nine fiftieths is, I think, rather too heavy, especially as my house is heated by a furnace in the cellar and I have no use for a shovel and tongs-particularly silver ones.
  • Of the former kind are violent exercise, and external heat applied đồ sộ the surface generally, as by a heated atmosphere or the hot bath; of the latter, the direct application of heat to the head; falls or blows, occasioning a shock đồ sộ the brain; stooping; intense thinking; intoxicating drinks, and other narcotic substances.
  • So doth a single heat from many embers Make itself felt, even as from many loves Issued a single sound from out that image.
  • The rains came, and, sánh long as they continued đồ sộ fall, the temperature was lower: but ‘the heavy, dull, damp, calm heat between the falls,’ he found most trying.
  • It seemed the heat behind them must put them out.
  • Our readers are probably aware that the question of the causes of glacier formation and motion, cool as the subject may seem in itself, has demonstrated the existence of a great khuyến mãi of latent heat among scientific men.
  • A slight haze, indicative of the intense heat about đồ sộ follow, hung round the lower part of the cathedral, but its topmost pinnacles glittered in the beams of the newly-risen sun.
  • But when the Hartford Convention was suspected of covering a little actual heat under the smoke of the customary resolutions and protests, a bucket of cold water was thrown over it.
  • In between the double walls is sawdust, and that sawdust helps đồ sộ keep the heat out, and the cold in. But the way I opened up the sample case it showed up, just by accident sánh đồ sộ speak, a box of those new electric burners-adjustable, you know-they’ll take heat off any size of socket you lượt thích and use it for any mortal thing in the house.
  • You take my tip-back him for his heat next Saturday, in the second round, and for the final. A stratus cloud is thus formed at B; from this moment A B continues đồ sộ cool, but B C is protected from radiating, whilst heated by radiation from snow and possibly by release of latent heat due đồ sộ cloud formation.
  • A. It becomes tougher or stronger as it is heated, till it reaches a temperature Of 550 degrees when it rapidly decreases its power of resistance as it is heated beyond this temperature.
  • A string of these hapless suspects, some six or seven, with their arms tied behind them, bound together lượt thích a bunch of human meat, was one afternoon marching through the excessive heat along a road that skirted a mountain, escorted by ten or twelve guards armed with rifles.
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