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Common Injuries from Rollover Accidents and Crashes


Although not the most common types of xế hộp accidents, rollover accidents are the most dangerous. A rollover crash is when a vehicle’s roof contacts the ground during a crash. It can cause occupants to tát be ejected or crushed. In 2018, rollover xế hộp accidents accounted for 29% of all passenger vehicle occupant fatalities (but involve less kêu ca 3% of crashes), according to tát the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). Rollover accident injuries are often severe and life-altering.

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What Are the Most Common Injuries from Rollover Accidents?

The most common injuries associated with a rollover xế hộp accident include:

  • Broken bones – A rollover crash leaves all regions of the toàn thân vulnerable. Multiple severe impacts can cause crushed or broken bones, especially those in the arms, legs, and ankles as well as the ribs.
  • Lacerations, bruises, and soft tissue injuries – Cuts, scrapes, deep lacerations, and other external injuries are common as are other soft tissue injuries. Muscles and tendons can be easily pulled, while ligaments can tear.
  • Head injury, neck injury, and traumatic brain injury – A rollover vehicle accident may result in skull fractures, slipped/compressed/herniated spinal discs, or whiplash. Concussions and cerebral contusions are possible and can be associated with long-lasting brain injuries and nerve damage.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Powerful forces act on the spine, including compression, and can permanently damage the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury may result in localized paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia along with painful and debilitating back injuries.
  • Internal injuries – Internal organs may be pierced, bruised, or otherwise damaged by objects in the vehicle, broken automotive components, or objects outside the vehicle after being ejected.

How to tát Reduce the Risk of Injury in a Rollover Car Accident

Staying alert and cautious when driving is important, but a variety of factors can lead to tát rollover crashes. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of surviving and avoiding severe injuries if a rollover accident occurs.

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  • Always wear seat belts – Vehicle occupants who are ejected from a vehicle are more likely to tát have a severe injury or die. According to tát the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly three-fourths of occupants killed in rollover crashes don’t use restraints.
  • Don’t overload your xế hộp – Too many items in your vehicle can be dangerous during an accident. Minimize the amount of cargo and make sure it’s secured, to tát reduce the chances of flying objects injuring or killing vehicle occupants.
  • Drive cars with new safety features – The latest models have features such as electronic stability control to tát help mitigate movements that lead to tát rollover crashes. Curtain airbags provide more coverage, ví can help avoid certain injuries.
  • Drive Safely: Avoid speeding, which increases the risk of a rollover crash, especially in adverse weather conditions. Alcohol impairment is the leading cause of rollover accidents. Avoid drinking and driving, and get plenty of rest; fatigue can make it difficult to tát avoid situations that lead to tát accidents.

What to tát Do After a Rollover Car Accident

After a rollover collision, notify the authorities immediately and seek medical attention. You may not notice symptoms of serious injuries; for example, head and internal injuries may have a delayed physical onset. Don’t postpone medical attention. Your condition might get worse, or a life-threatening injury may not be discovered or treated in time.

Another important step is to tát get the help of an experienced Los Angeles xế hộp accident lawyer. You may be entitled to tát compensation for injuries and losses, especially if you or a loved one were harmed due to tát the negligence of another California driver.

Contact The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani

We are a Los Angeles-based personal injury law firm that specializes in accident and personal injury law. Over the years, we have helped many victims and their loved ones following rollover xế hộp accidents. We are currently open during the coronavirus pandemic. Liên hệ us today and our attorney will review your claim, provide legal representation, and fight for maximum compensation. Call 888-952-2952 for a miễn phí consultation.

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